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The idea of the Hendi Center „Koloseum“, as a founder of the Bosifest festival, is to continue it slife even after the official Festival ending in June, by showing awarded films in faculties and Cultural centers in every town in Serbia.

At Bosifest, there are films, which are representing lives of persons with disabilities, or the authors are also persons with disabilities.

We like to say that Bosifest is not a festival for persons with disabilities, but from perosons with disabilities to all film lovers, tha tmake all visitors experience special moments.

Through films, which are being shown at Bosifest, the audience has a chance to meet other cultures, customs, social circumstances and wide variety of life stories. Films at Bosifest are leading you on a journey full of joy, sadness, fight ands uffer.Watching films from Bosifest, the audience learns, identifies and certainly develops feelings of love and understanding for the characters.

The Festival provides valuable contribution in including persons with disabilities in creative reality of our society, because they certainly have artistic and other potentials.

Besides artistic contents, the Bosifest production wants to encourage our community through in formation exchange to begin with actions similar to successful experience of International community Institutions in social inclusion and to point out possible guidance and instruments that we can  use to encourage further development of democratic society and every individual, with respect for differences through individual rights.


If you also want us to show films from Bosifest in your town, school, faculty, you can contact us by our email address: