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Volunteer on BOSIFEST


BOSIFEST is an International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities. The organization of this festival requires serious preparations before and during the festival. Despite the involvement of professionals, any film festival even BOSIFEST is not an exception and couldn’t exist without the support of volunteers.


BOSIFEST is a unique film festival in the region. Movies that we show are about people with disabilities, but as we like to say BOSIFEST is not a festival for people with disabilities, but it is a festival of persons with disabilities for all movie lovers.

This festival requires serious organization which among other things includes the engagement around welcoming guests, preparing materials for conferences, translating texts and many other various activities. BOSIFEST gives you the opportunity to express your talents and in return you get a unique experience that later will be great help and benefit in your professional career. If you have any ideas feel free to suggest them to us.


If you want to be a part of the team that creates this festival, participate in various activities and processes in the organization of festival and to gain new know ledge and experience, it is necessary that the basic information (name, age, occupation, email address and telephone number), and you’re your motivation to register explained in a few sentences, to send on this mail hc.koloseum@gmail.com