The Bosifest / Awards / 2012 /

Movies which are projected on the third BOSIFEST, Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities, have caused great attention of the media and the general public. During three days of the festival, from the 21st to the 23th of May,  large number of visitors had the opportunity to see close to the 40 feature and documentary films from the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Africa, Israel, and from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. In this year's selection of BOSIFEST, organized by Hendi Center “Koloseum”, they found some of the best short and feature films authored by individuals with disabilities and movies that deal with the status, rights and achievements of people with disabilities.

The Council of the film festival BOSIFEST 2012 with the jury members: 
Darijan Mihajlović i Svetislav Goncić
on 23.05.2012. assigned the following prizes:

GRAND PRIX of the festival was awarded to "Necessary Games" directed by Sophie Hyde, Australia, 2009 

Dance triptych about the human need for bonding and games that we play in our relations ... 




Winner of a crystal plaque for best director was the movie "Step Up" directed by Tomas Wormser, Canada 

Jacques is a twenty years old dancer with a successful career in front of him, but at the moment everything changes - in a car accident. Jacques loses his right foot. Step Up! follows the first three years of his life after the accident: the first steps back on the dance floor until the triumphant joint appearance with the famous colleague Mikhail Baryshnikov ... 

The crystal plaque for best screenplay went to the film "Flying Anne," directed by Catherine van Campen, The Netherlands, 2010 

Eleven years old Anne is a little beauty whom is difficult to take your eyes off. But the longer you look the more you are aware of her "tics". Anne suffers from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Her body does the things she does not want. Flying Anne shows how Anne lives with her ​​tics. Tics which she, after all, doesn’t want to get rid of ...



AUDIENCE AWARD was given to the film "Silent one", directed by Mark Cvejić, Serbia, 2011 

Andrija Tihi is the one whom the midwife in the maternity ward, by mistake, accidentally, in the tenth day of life took eyesight. Today he is 70 years old. His philosophy of life is that there is no lack which can not be compensated. It has long been realized that even the people with eyesight don’t see everything, that everyone has some kind of flaw which is not insurmountable, but the problem depends on the one who takes it . His ethnicity is optimism.