The Bosifest / Festival jury / 2018 /

With great pride and extreme professional pleasure, we present to you our jury of the 9th Bosifest, consisting of: our well-known director, writer and professor Goran Marković, famous actor and professor Dragan Petrović Pele and a talented young actress Jovana Stojiljković.

This year, as well as previous years, Bosifest will have a renowned jury whose credibility and knowledge will give a great weight to the awards and, at the same time, is keeping the Festival organizers under an obligation to maintain a high level of program each year.  


Goran Marković is surely one of the most significant directors in the history of cinematography, both nationally and throughout the region of former Yugoslavia. Most of his films, such as "Special education" (1977), "National Class" (1979), "All that Jack's" (1980) or "Tito and me" (1992) have gained a cult status, while their heroes, retorts and music, often cited in other works of art, became a part of everyday life and popular culture. It is a specific selection of stories about ordinary people approached with humor and benign irony, often with the aim of satirically pointing out social and political issues.  

Serbian director, screenwriter and playwright Goran Marković was born on 24 August 1946 in Belgrade, and he studied film directing at FAMU in Prague. Marković is the representative of the so-called Prague film school in our cinematography.  

Besides a large number of feature films, Marković directed more than 50 documentaries and wrote a number of theatre plays. 

For theatre, he directed plays "Shopping day" by A. Popović, "Belgrade Trilogy" by B. Srbljanović, "Orange Peel" by M. Pelević, "Therapy" by J. Cvetanovski... Among many others, he also wrote texts for theatre plays "The Tour", "Speech Impairment", "Pairs", "Villa Sachino", "Pandora's box", "Delirium tremens" and "Falsifier". The last three mentioned he directed, as well.

He published books "The Czech School Doesn't Exist", "Tito and me", "A Year", "Eighth session and other dramas", "Little secrets", "Three tales of suicide victims".

He is the winner of more than 40 national and international awards, both for his film work and the theatre production. His most significant recognitions are two "Big Golden Arena" awards in Pula for films "Reflections" (1987) and "The Meeting Point" (1989), the "Silver Shell for Best Director) award at San Sebastian for the film "Tito and me" and "Sterija's Award" for the best contemporary text for the play "The Tour" (2008), as well as the "Vitez poziva" award for the 2009. 

Marković is the professor emeritus at Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts and is a member of the European Film Academy in Brussels. In 2012, he received the French Medal of knights of Arts and Letters.



Dragan Petrović Pele possesses an extraordinary acting charisma, so much so, that even when he plays a bit part, he completely takes over the scene and "steals the show" from the main characters. Refined acting technique and great talent have made him one of the biggest names among national actors: popular with the audience and with his colleagues.

He was born on 17 December 1961 in Belgrade, where he finished elementary and high school, and he graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1988 at the top of his class under Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jevtović. Since 1986 he was a scholar of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, where he receives his first role, as a student, in the play "Migrations", and in 1988 he became a full-time member. He maintains a status of the drama champion at the YDT until 2001.

In 1997, he accepts the invitation from Prof. Vladimir Jevtović and becomes an assistant in the artistic field and the acting course at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the Acting Department. In 2001, at the same Faculty and Department, he was elected Assistant Professor and in 2010, he became the full Professor. 

Since 1986 until today, Dragan Petrović has been continually booked in theatre, on television and film, besides fulfilling all his obligations within the curriculum and extracurricular activities at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. 

He performed in all Belgrade theatres, including the alternative stage areas. He acted in over eighty theatre plays - small, medium and leading roles, main characters, winning many significant awards, among which is "Zoran's moustache" for the current popular play "Hypnosis of one love" that he received at the 26th ‘Days of Zoran Radmilović’ (Zaječar, 201), two "golden gobblers" at the ‘Days of comedy’ in Jagodina, two annual awards from Yugoslav Drama Theatre and one from the Belgrade Drama Theatre, "Golden Link" award for permanent contribution to the culture and many other recognitions. 

One of his first noteworthy roles was in "Better Life", but he also played in other TV shows, like "The Storks will Return" and "The village is burning and the grandmother is combing her hair".  He is excellent in the role of an intriguing doctor, Konstantin Avakumović, in the current TV show "Shadows over the Balkans". 

His roles in films "Pretty village, pretty flame", "Cordon", "Wheels", "The fourth man", "Little night music" are more than memorable.  


Film and Theatre actress, Jovana Stojiljković was born in Belgrade on 19 March, 1992. Since her second grade of elementary school, she attended the Nenad Nenadović acting school and during her third year of high school, she receives her first role in the film "Clip" by Maja Miloš. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Dragan Petrović.

Last year, her acting career on the small screen was marked by roles in TV shows "Shadows over the Balkans" and "Suspicious characters". She played in TV shows "Married but single", "Čizmaši (Soldiers)", and on the big screen, her career so far is made up of roles in films "Panama", "I defended young Bosnia", "We will be champions of the world", "Fatherland", "Clip", "The City", as well as awards for the best actress at the Niš Film Meetings, "Cinema City", Leskovac Festival LIFFE, "Sarajevo Youth Film Festival", Student Festival in Illinois, USA.

Since January 2016, Jovana has been a permanent member of Atelier 212. She is, also, performing at the Theatre ‘Boško Buha’, ‘Zvezdara’ Theatre and Yugoslav Drama Theatre.