The purpose of the establishment of the BOSIFEST is to point out the creative work and opportunities of participants in the public cultural scene and spread the message that people with disabilities should have the same rights and obligations as the other people. In this way, this festival gives a strong incentive for the adoption of measures to equally participate and integrate people with disabilities into society.

The essential indication that there is space for such festival in Serbia, is just a huge interest of authors and artists to participate in programs BOSIFEST times. The festival joins international festivals, which have been, for many years working exclusively with the films about people with disabilities, as well as films whose authors are people with disabilities. The network of these festivals provide authors access to the world market, but also the possibility to introduce new, innovative films that deal with topics related to the life of people with disabilities.

Movies which are projected on BOSIFEST attract public attention, most in associations of people with disabilities and non-governmental sector in Serbia.  Also, every year, this film manifestation contributes to the informing of the public about the rights, status and needs of people with disabilities, improving communication, acceptance of diversity, breaking down prejudices about people with disabilities, at the same time, the film program is stimulating creation of new films and artistic achievements.

Through the program of the BOSIFEST, there are possible solutions for further development of a democratic society and create the environment that will be affordable, without obstacles and barriers - for everyone. Festival promotes the City of Belgrade and Serbia through the richness of diversity and it is committed to encourage our cultural and professional public to learn about the accomplishments of artists with disabilities from around the world, as well as to create conditions for the exchange of opinions and experiences of the film artists.