The Grand Prix of the 8th Bosifest went to the French documentary film, entitled "Arise and Walk" by Matthieu Firmin, the award for the best director went to "Daniel" by Anastazja Dabrowska (Poland) and for the best-case scenario to "Listen to the Silence" by Mariam Chachia (Georgia). Special recognitions were given to films "In another world" by Anna Bedynska (Poland), "Two worlds" by Maciej Adamek (Poland) and "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel (Israel).

At the closing of the Festival, on October 12 at the Sava Center's "Amphitheatre", the awards were given by the president of the jury, Anica Dobra and the member of the jury, Radoslav Zelenović.

The winner of Grand Prix, Matthieu Firmin, who is showing his battle with paraplegia through this film, said that he was very happy to receive this award, primarily because of the opportunity to show this film outside of France. He thanked Bosifest for shedding a positive light on the problems that people with disabilities are facing.

"Deep down inside, all of us have the strenght to fight. It is important to know that. I was a pesimist, and if I was able to find that strength, then everyone can do it. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be here without the help of my friends and public health care. Therefore, we all should defend our public health care system", said Firmin.

Director Anastazja Dabrowska, along with giving thanks to the organizers of Bosifest, emphasized the value of this Festival because of its focus on the people with disabilities. The award for the best-case scenario was received by the assistant to the author, Mariam Chachia.

The receiver of the special recognition, Anna Bedynska pointed out that this recognition means a lot to her, as this was her first time to be competing in a festival, and she thanked both the Bosifest and the heroine Kasia, who let her into her world. The other two special recognitions were to be given later on.

Anica Dobra stressed that her desire was for all participants to receive awards."Thank you for the inspiration, for the strength. It is incredible that a festival, like this one, exists in our city. That is one of good reasons why we must remain here", said Anica while addressing a large number of young people in the audience.

Radoslav Zelenović stated that this was his second time to be on the jury of Bosifest and that he has become a serious fan of these kind of films, especially since he had the oppourtunity to meet both the authors and actors of the films. "These films don't need a translation. No matter which part of the world it comes from, it is absolutely clear what the problems of that person are and how they are dealing with them. I think that we shouldn't be giving out awards at Bosifest, because all the authors and the actors of these films are winners", pointed out Zelenović.

Director of the Bosifest, Darko Ivić was very pleased to see a large number of highschool and university students who were following the Festival, saying that the films they had seen will make a huge impact on their way of thinking, both now and when they become politicians, journalists, doctors, artists...

"It is important to be humane in our relationships, to empathize not only with people with disabilities, but with every single person. That is the aim of our Festival", said Darko.

Ivić thanked all the professors, school and university parliaments for their organized visit, as well as the members of the jury for their support, the hotels who hosted foreign authors and a large group of volunteers.

For their contribution in the realization of the 8th Bosifest, volunteers received diplomas from the Hendi Center Koloseum. The Letters of commendation were given to hotels Constantine, Evropa, In hotel and Hotel Park.

Enclosed - explanation given by jury members, Anica Dobra, Radoslav Zelenović and Predrag Antonijević, which was read at the Award ceremony by Anica Dobra:

"Arise and Walk" - This is in many ways a unique documentary. Matthieu Firmin, Spicee's editor-in-chief, speaks of his struggle with paraplegia. One day, after a stroke, he woke up as a paraplegic, as a handicapped man. The camera noted all the pain of overcoming the situation he found himself in and his struggle to deal with that situation. His battle, motivation and the support of people around him, are remarkable. Throughout the year, he will be keeping a video diary from the very first day until the moment he is able to walk again.

"Deniel" - Daniel and his friends are spending their holiday in a camp. They are at that age when topics about girls are unavoidable. They are asking some serious questions, "What do you get out of being close with someone?“ and "What is the right way to experess love?" They talk about problems that every person encounters at some poin in their life.

"Listen to the Silence" - Having dreams is a natural and easy thing for each one of us, but following that dream when no one else believes in it, is a destiny only for the commited ones. This feature-length film speaks of a boy, Luka, who is deaf, but has a dream of apprearing on a stage one day and dancing. He believes that in such a way he will be able to take his place in the world around him. This story, told in an incredible film language, is about one boy's dream and his desire to be heard.

"In Another World" - An exciting documentary about a happily married woman, a mother of two children who finds out she is pregnant and carries a child with Down syndrome. The author, as the tradition of best documentaries goes, follows all dilemmas and her personal struggle concerning whether to give birth to the child or to abort the baby. She is aware that neither solution is acceptable. Over six months, the author records with the camera all her mental states and emotions.

"Two worlds" - In this inspiring family portrait, Laura, a twelve-year-old girl, is our guide through her life, but also through the lives of her deaf parents. The film records a series of unusual situations, as well as some ordinary things that are a part of their everyday lives.

"My hero brother" - This unusual documentary speaks of great capacities of people with disabilities. It talks about an unusual, and what seemed to be an incredible undertaking, by a group of young people with Down syndrome on a demanding journey through the Indian Himalayas. In this unusual venture, they receive help from their brothers and sisters.

During the 8th Bosifest, from October 10-12, the audience was able to see 18 films chosen by the selector Gorana Radovanović, 10 in the competitive and 8 in the non-competitive part of the program. All films had their premieres in Serbia at this time, and on the first day of the Festival, there was a World Preview of the Israeli documentary "My hero brother".

This year, Festival's accompanying program was a conference "Start a change", held on the second and third day of the Festival, before the film screenings (12a.m. - 3.30p.m.). Participants of this conference were experts, who held interactive lectures on following topics: